Consultation for the Management of Fine Lines

Give Your Skin A Vacation

Ageing is a part of life, however there are things we can discuss in our consultation to support you along the way.

Exceptional care and service provided, couldn’t recommend more, a very happy customer. - Caleena Edkins

Frequently asked Questions

Does it hurt?
Every person has a different pain threshold however we will make you as comfortable as possible before, during and after any proceedure.
How long does the procedure take?
Your first appointment will be with our Registered Nurse Melissa. During this appointment a comprehensive medical history is taken and the risks and benefits will be discussed ensuring that it is safe for you to have a treatment. At this time, if appropriate you can either go home and take some time to think about your treatment options that we have discussed or you can have a treatment with us immediately after your consultation.[. /toggle]
How soon will I see results & how long will it last?
With an average treatment individual’s results vary but you can expect to see an improvement at 2-3 days with a maximum result at 2 weeks. We strongly recommend that you return for your 2 weeks appointment so that we can ensure your have the best results. Again, the length of time a treatment lasts varies but anywhere from 3-6 months with 4 months being the average. Patients who have regular consultations show that the results last longer.
Are there any side affects?
Any consultation will highlight the pros and cons of  all our services. There are several potential side effects but the majority are minimal.


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