Anti-wrinkle injections

Take a vacation from wrinkles

Ageing is a part of life, however we need not necessarily grasp it with both hands and welcome it!

There are ways of lessening the lines that come with the ageing process and one of them is an anti wrinkle injection produced from Botulinum bacteria.

Yes, this does sound dramatic but in fact the active ingredient is processed in a laboratory under sterile conditions so that what you end up with is a purified protein, that when injected into a muscle in very small amounts, blocks the nerve signals that tell your wrinkle-causing muscle to contract.

The result is a temporary paralysis of these muscles resulting in smoother skin and a marked reduction in wrinkles.

Exceptional care and service provided, couldn’t recommend more, a very happy customer. - Caleena Edkins

Frequently asked Questions

Does it hurt?
Every person has a different pain threshold but as each injection is made with a very fine needle into a specific area, the pain associated is usually minimal and manageable with an application of ice.
How long does the procedure take?
Your first appointment will be with our Registered Nurse Melissa. During this appointment a comprehensive medical history is taken and the risks and benefits will be discussed ensuring that it is safe for you to have this treatment. At this time, if appropriate you can either go home and take some time to think about your treatment options or you can have your treatment done immediately after your consultation. Depending on your needs, the treatment itself will take approximately 15 minutes.
How soon will I see results & how long will it last?
Each individual’s results vary but you can expect to see an improvement at 2-3 days with a maximum result at 2 weeks. We strongly recommend that you return for your 2 weeks appointment so that we can ensure your have the best results and ‘top’ up any areas if needed. Again, the length of time a treatment lasts varies but anywhere from 3-6 months with 4 months being the average. Clients who have regular treatments report that the results last longer.
Are there any side affects?
There are several potential side effects but the majority are minimal. These range from a mild tingling/stinging as the injection is performed to redness, swelling and sometimes bruising at the injection site. There is the possibility of a drooping of the eyelid or brow, headache and mild flu like symptoms. After treatment instruction will be provided at your appointment.


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